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$30-$90 per Month. Maintenance Contracts are negotiated for around $30-$75 per Hour Web Design, Developement, Programming and Consulting can costs from $30-$60 per Hour. Master level Web Development costs from $75-120 per Hour. Read more...

Web Hosting

Basic to Advance hosting can cost you between $15-$30 per Month. Read more...


Welcome to Web Design


Your website should look professional, be available all the time, and be written to SELL so that you get some business out of it! We can help you do it the right way - the way that gets results! Below are some website development costs.

Here are some Templates for your referances and the good thing about Technowells Web Design Team is that we offer Initial Consultation - FREE!

Web Design Services


Hourly Rate

Hourly rate for website development costs:$25-$60 per Hour (USD). Basically, we charge for our time. We have the proper tools and experience to get your job done quickly and professionally. We constantly keep up on the latest methods of promotion, as well as purchasing tools (programs) that help us do our job faster and more effectively - to your benefit.  Read more...


Custom Graphics

Custom Graphics costs $50-$75 per Hour. On-Site Digital Photography costs $80+ per Hour. Read more...


Contact us

We have been in the website development business since 2005. Please email us today. for more information about website development charges and how we can help you have a successful website.Read more...


Logo Design

*We can design a logo for you, about $160. Tell us what you want! Show us your ideas! **Your pictures can be scanned, 3 for $20 includes cropping and put into digital form (.jpeg, .gif, etc.) which will be ready for your website or sending by email.Read more...