Referral Program

Refer and you shall receive

Client Referral Fees– Referral fee depends on the total amount of the closed sales, broken down as follows

Project Amount Incentive Amount
$ 5,000.00 $ 100.00
$ 10,000.00 $ 200.00
$ 15,000.00 $ 300.00
$ 20,000.00 $ 400.00
Above $ 20,000.00 5% of the total sales

Referral fees are generally awarded within 2 weeks of final payment from the referred client

There is no limit between the time of the referral and the time the contract is signed. If you make a referral that leads to a contract years later, the fee will still apply

A referral fee may be split when multiple parties refer the potential new client

Any fees awarded may be considered taxable income

Fax: 732-415-0903

You must obtain and submit a Client Referral Program Form to get credit for each referral. Forms may be obtained from the QIS Help Desk by sending an email at