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· Installation, Upgrade and Configuration of SQL Server, Performance Monitoring, Tuning, Profiler Trace. · Backups, Mirroring and Database Restore · Log Shipping, Replication Snapshot and Transactional, Fail over Cluster Solution · Performance Tuning, Query Tuning, SQL Profiler and Performance Counters · Automation and Monitoring Jobs, Alerts, SQL Mail, Pager and Notification Services · Security and Grants, Managing Permissions for user/logins and assigning server/database roles · SSIS/DTS, VB script, Import/Export, Bulk insert, BCP, OSQL, ISQL, DOS Batch Script, SQLCMD · Link Server, Distributed Queries Access 2000 and Oracle 9i Database, Zip, Unzip, Moving Files, FTP.

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Add SQL geography support to Linq to SQL project

“Mike worked hard on this project, agreeing to tackle some unanticipated technical complications that required changes to specifications, and the result was high-quality SQL code.” —mbabramo

“Committed and eager to please and produce a great product.” —KeepItEasySoftware

“Over all a good experience. Will continue to use their services.” —rschieren